Bradley Manning Hearing: Government Foiled By Its Own Policies

March 25th, 2012 by Andy in What Is Patriotism?

The absurdity grows… Lots of good interviews and links here from the Government Accountability Project. Peter Van Buren, the State Department official, and whistleblower on the extreme criminal fraud and waste run rampant in Iraq, who detailed some of this in his book We Meant Well, comments here…

“I came to Iraq and realized that the discrepancy between what we say we were doing and what we were doing at the risk of peoples lives, including my own, and billions of taxpayer dollars, was too wide to stand silent. The waste of lives, the waste of money was so extreme and the lies that were being told in Washington were so egregious that I decided to risk my career and speak out,” he said. . . . .

“Absolutely. I criticized the Secretary of State. I criticized the president and I’ve criticized other members of the State Department and the Administration, and I did that because when I signed up 24 years ago, my oath was to the constitution, not to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or anyone else. I’ve served under Republicans and I’ve served under Democrats, but my oath has always been to the constitution, and therefore it shouldn’t matter,” Van Buren said.

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