Robert Reich on the True American Spirit and Confronting The Abuses of the Powerful

October 6th, 2011 by Andy in What Is Patriotism?, Video

These remarks from Robert Reich at a recent rally event are actually quite inspiring in regards to what can and should animate meaningful civic action. Protecting the powerless against the predatory instincts of the powerful sounds like something Jesus would say. Preventing the powerful and the privileged from bullying those in a ‘lesser’ position, and to give ordinary working people and the poor a voice, a truly meaningful voice, is something which Reich states should be a core principle guiding the actions of progressive forces against those of reaction. His faith in the true nature of the American character, one of fairness and equal rights, always responds when the forces of regression seem on the verge of tipping the balance irrevocably. I would like to believe that he is right.

Also of interest is the fact that he had been friends with Michael Schwerner, the civil rights worker who was killed in Mississippi back in 1964 (and whose brother Steve was a long-time professor at Antioch University, and one of the premier jazz DJs on WYSO radio).

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