The Bush/Moon Crime Enterprise

August 4th, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

Robert Parry, one of the better investigative journalists left standing, reports on a topic we have touched on with references in past episodes of USTV.

From petty local scams to international money-laundering, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s political/media/business/religious empire has all the looks of a global “ongoing criminal enterprise,” albeit one with enough powerful friends in Washington to protect it from serious consequences.

Benefiting from relationships with the Bush family and other prominent Republicans, Moon’s Unification Church slips away from one illegal scheme after another - despite overwhelming evidence and first-person admissions about the systematic pattern of the criminality. Somehow U.S. authorities never put two and two together.

This is a detailed and fascinating report on the width and breadth of this operation, and its deceptive and invasive connections to the most powerful elements of Washington politics, mainly the with the GOP and most particularly the Bush family.

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