Halliburton Fraud Lawsuit Details Super Bowl Party

October 24th, 2006 by Andy in Halliburton & The Iraqateers

Standard operating procedure for the Corporate State of America.

No expense spared in the ‘fight for freedom’ in the global war of…uh, ‘on’ terrorism.

Halliburton Co. executives ordered a big-screen television and 10 large tubs of tacos, chicken wings and cheese sticks delivered to Iraq for last year’s Super Bowl, then billed US taxpayers for their party, according to a lawsuit unsealed Friday.

“One former Halliburton employee after another tells the same story of outrageous and intentional overcharging,” Waxman said in a statement. “Yet no one in the Bush administration seems to care.”

Sure they do. That is why they and their cronies are doing this, on a scale never before seen in American history (though The Gilded Age could arguably give this plutocratic kleptocracy a run for its money).

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