D.C. Internet Vote Hacker Took Total Control of Server, Changed Votes, Stole Secret Ballots, Passwords, All In Less Than 36 Hours

October 17th, 2010 by Andy in Elections & Electronic Black Box Voting

Will your vote even count? Will it be counted? If so, by who? These are some of the stark questions being confronted by some important research findings from a computer science team from the University of Michigan, whose reports are being almost wholly ignored by just about every facet of the corporate media.

Brad Friedman has been one of the leading champions of reporting on this issue for years now, and for which we have tried to continually track at USTV Media ever since the time of the highly questionable electronic voting results in the 2004 election.

Much more on this pressing and underreported issue b>here

As we posited in our earlier coverage of D.C.’s Internet Voting scheme which was hacked with the University of Michigan fight song, J. Alex Halderman, asst. professor of electronic engineering and computer science at the university, was, indeed, at the heart of the hack.

He details how he and a small team of students were happy to participate in the test that D.C. election officials had announced, with just three days notice, inviting hackers to try and penetrate the system they planned to use this November, as developed with the Open Source Digital Voting Foundation.

Halderman writes in his explanation of how they did it:

Within 36 hours of the system going live, our team had found and exploited a vulnerability that gave us almost total control of the server software, including the ability to change votes and reveal voters’ secret ballots.

And if you think that’s chilling, Halderman goes on to note that all cast ballots on the system were modified and overwritten with write-in votes, all passwords taken — including the encryption key, which e-voting supporters constantly suggest will keep such systems safe — before they went on to install a back door to let them view any votes cast later, after their attack, along with the names of voters and who they voted for…

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And for more on this, read this rather disturbing report on how Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking DC Internet Voting System.

A University of Michigan computer scientist and his team were not the only ones attempting to hack the Internet Vote scheme that Washington D.C. had planned to roll out for actual use with military and overseas voters in this November’s mid-term election. According to testimony given to a D.C. City Council committee last Friday by J. Alex Halderman, asst. professor of electrical engineering and computer science at University of Michigan, hackers from Iran and China were also attempting to access the very same network infrastructure, even as his own team of students had successfully done so, taking over the entirety of the Internet Voting system which had been opened for a first-of-its-kind live test.

The fraudulent joke of electronic voting systems is exposed once again. Any ‘official’ results that are based on the use of these systems should be considered illegitimate until verifiably proven through documentable written record. In other words, paper ballots.

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