Human Rights: Not Just for Humans (& Corporations) Anymore?

February 21st, 2013 by Andy in Corporations, 'Democracy' & USA Inc., Video

Human Rights: Not Just for Humans (& Corporations) Anymore?

Corporations have the same rights as people. But do our communities and natural ecosystems have any rights? Thomas Linzey and Katherine Davies argue that in order to defend our bodies and our environment, they must be given rights under the law. Conversely, we must challenge the assertion of the primacy of rights by non-living entities, such as corporations.

The National Radio Project spotlights this issue in one of their recent reports produced in this edition of Making Contact.

It features an excellent presentation by Thomas Linzey from CELDF, whom friends of UnCommon Sense TV Media will know through our many previous references and affiliations with them and their work. Linzey and the work of his associates has served as a notable inspiration to the focus and direction of our own work at USTV Media.

Special Thanks to Pirate Television for the video.

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