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Kissing Kissinger - Honoring ‘Heroes’ In America

April 24th, 2014 by Andy in Bush League, Video

How fitting. General David Petraeus giving a “Freedom Award” to his “hero,” the “honorable” Henry A. Kissinger (in a ceremony as tacky as it is absurd). He even kisses ol’ Henry, just to reiterate the depth of his subservient affection for one of history’s most amoral manipulators of power. Kissinger then blows off a man who personally confronts him with questions, calling the questioner a “self-serving coward.” In the standard parlance of psychology, this is called “projection.”

I hope the words “you know this is a lie” ring over and over in his ears on his deathbed. Perhaps there will be a moment of existential dread as he takes his final breath, in realization of what a monster he has been in this world, and the literally millions of people who have suffered due to him and his actions.

And watch this for some background on just how free the ‘Freedom Awards’ are. This gives you a pretty good idea of the type of hermetic, insular, and extensively protected bubble that power exists within.

And as for David Petraeus? That Golden Boy of American war and clandestine services (both the ones he managed, as well as those personally rendered), has, as Tom Engelhardt reported, taken the next spin through the revolving door of “rehabilitation.” The general “who never had a victory and yet never stopped rising” has now reemerged on, yep, you guessed it…Wall Street.

According to Gawker, “David Petraeus’ road to redemption has reached its gilded destination. As we first reported in April, the disgraced former CIA director will join Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the private equity giant best known for ‘large debt-fueled corporate takeovers’.”

And for more insight on the depth of the criminogenic duplicity of one Henry A. Kissinger, there are few places better to start than Christopher Hitchen’s detailed expose’, The Case Against Henry Kissinger. For those of you who may not have time for the literary edition, you can watch the movie version, as well.

Greg Palast Reports

March 28th, 2009 by Andy in Bush League, Video

UnCommon Sense TV - “Greg Palast Reports” A special edition of UnCommon Sense TV featuring investigative reports produced by journalist Greg Palast. These video features, originally aired on BBC Television and provided to USTV courtesy of Greg Palast, include thorough examinations of the original purposes of the American invasion of Iraq, and the players behind the decision making process. The program also takes a more in depth look at the controversial but incontrovertible stories of George W. Bush’s going AWOL from duty in the Air National Guard, as well as the manipulation of the Florida election in 2000 through the purging of legal voters from the voter rolls by the Jeb Bush administration in order to help insure a victory for his brother for president (both stories originally broken by Greg Palast in 1998 and 2000 respectively).

DeMockracy: Bush Family Style

February 22nd, 2009 by Andy in Bush League, Video

UnCommon Sense TV - “DeMockracy: Bush Family Style” A look at some of the Bush family history of political and financial connections and the implications they pose to our democratic system. The program features special documentary videos originally produced for BBC Television by investigative journalist Greg Palast. For more on his groundbreaking investigative journalism, as well as information on the DVD release “Bush Family Fortunes”, please visit


The Bush Presidency: How Does It Rate?

February 3rd, 2009 by Andy in Bush League, Video

UnCommon Sense TV - “The Bush Presidency: How Does It Rate?” A live call in edition from 2004 at the height of Bush’s popularity an power where the local citizenry weighs in with their thoughts and observations concerning his presidential administration. Has it been a good one for America or not - and why? Is it successful or failing in its missions and responsibilities? It asks if Bush should be replaced and if so, by whom and for what reasons?

The Shoe Finally Drops (Or Is Thrown) On George Bush

December 15th, 2008 by Andy in Bush League, Video

I know everyone in the whole world is posting links to this and talking about it via blogs and such, but I can’t resist.

I’ve read how some people are calling for a collection of thousands of pairs of shoes to be delivered to the White House as an expression of solidarity with the ‘the thrower’. So where are they taking up the collection?

Watch The Video

Here’s some more insight on this event from Alistair Lyon of ReutersIraqi Shoe Thrower Captures Mideast Rage at Bush

Update: Seems this whole episode is spawning some creative response. Boing Boing weighs in with their Iraq Shoe Tosser Guy

And if you want to join in on the action, you can participate in a little Sock and Awe

Sacrifice Is For Suckers

September 10th, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

Paul Krugman nails it once again, this time calling out the faux patriots and chickenhawks who have hidden behind the flag for too long…

This time around, Mr. Bush celebrated Mission Accomplished by cutting tax rates on dividends and capital gains, while handing out huge no-bid contracts to politically connected corporations. And in the four years since, as the insurgency Mr. Bush initially taunted with the cry of “Bring them on” has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans and left thousands more grievously wounded, the children of the elite — especially the Republican elite — have been conspicuously absent from the battlefield.

The Bushies, it seems, like starting fights, but they don’t believe in paying any of the cost of those fights or bearing any of the risks. Above all, they don’t believe that they or their friends should face any personal or professional penalties for trivial sins like distorting intelligence to get America into an unnecessary war, or totally botching that war’s execution.

For some reason I keep hearing that John Fogerty CCR classic “Fortunate Son” running through my head.

Read Krugman’s complete piece Here

He adds to his argument with this essay on the immoral philosophy that marks the meaning and purpose of the ideological agenda of the Bush administration and its adherents, particularly in regards to their conception of who should be helped and aided in our society, by our society.

“[President Bush] wants the public to believe that government is always the problem, never the solution. But it’s hard to convince people that government is always bad when they see it doing good things. So his philosophy says that the government must be prevented from solving problems, even if it can. In fact, the more good a proposed government program would do, the more fiercely it must be opposed.”

Read The Full Editorial

The Bush/Moon Crime Enterprise

August 4th, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

Robert Parry, one of the better investigative journalists left standing, reports on a topic we have touched on with references in past episodes of USTV.

From petty local scams to international money-laundering, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s political/media/business/religious empire has all the looks of a global “ongoing criminal enterprise,” albeit one with enough powerful friends in Washington to protect it from serious consequences.

Benefiting from relationships with the Bush family and other prominent Republicans, Moon’s Unification Church slips away from one illegal scheme after another - despite overwhelming evidence and first-person admissions about the systematic pattern of the criminality. Somehow U.S. authorities never put two and two together.

This is a detailed and fascinating report on the width and breadth of this operation, and its deceptive and invasive connections to the most powerful elements of Washington politics, mainly the with the GOP and most particularly the Bush family.

Read The Complete Report in

Karl Rove an Atheist?

July 21st, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

Seems like he is admitting that here. Of course, the dark ironies in all of this are pretty apparent on the face of it. Not that I am really surprised. There seems to be no way that anyone who displays such an utter lack of any recognizable human principles in the way that Karl Rove does, can really identify with any code or credo of a belief that is connected to any spiritual or religious identification. At least any that have their shared fundamental basis being an observance of the need and importance of love, empathy and compassion for one’s fellow human beings. And this doesn’t even begin to touch on the rank hypocrisy of Rove and his political orchestration of the use of Christianity for cynical self-serving ends.

Read the TPM posting on it Here, with links to the Christopher Hitchens article detailing this story

The Man Behind The Bush

April 4th, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

This photo from a New York Times article regarding a Bush White House ‘news briefing’ sure has some creepy overtones. It seems to sum up rather metaphorically the nature of the relationship of power at work here. Cheney the puppet master lurking behind the Bush, so to speak, keeping a watchful eye from the shadows.

Go To The Article

Bush’s New US Attorney a Criminal?

March 10th, 2007 by Andy in Bush League

The question seems to becoming who is in fact associated with the Bush administration that is not a criminal?

From Greg Palast, whose work we have often featured on USTV and is one of the few real investigative reporters left in American journalism…

There’s only one thing worse than sacking an honest prosecutor. That’s replacing an honest prosecutor with a criminal.

There was one big hoohah in Washington yesterday as House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers pulled down the pants on George Bush’s firing of US Attorneys to expose a scheme to punish prosecutors who wouldn’t bend to political pressure.

But the Committee missed a big one: Timothy Griffin, Karl Rove’s assistant, the President’s pick as US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Griffin, according to BBC Television, was the hidden hand behind a scheme to wipe out the voting rights of 70,000 citizens prior to the 2004 election.

Key voters on Griffin’s hit list: Black soldiers and homeless men and women. Nice guy, eh? Naughty or nice, however, is not the issue. Targeting voters where race is a factor is a felony crime under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In October 2004, our investigations team at BBC Newsnight received a series of astonishing emails from Mr. Griffin, then Research Director for the Republican National Committee. He didn’t mean to send them to us. They were highly confidential memos meant only for RNC honchos.

Read The Complete Report Here

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