A Conversation with Chalmers Johnson on Empire and ‘Nemesis’

November 23rd, 2010 by Andy in America: Republic or Empire?, Video

For those of you with any kind of attention span at all, this discussion with (the now late) Chalmers Johnson, Emeritus Professor of the University of California, is saturated with essential information and insight regarding the impact of the American empire on democracy at home. This former Cold War hawk argues that a combination of military Keynesianism, the Bush administration’s attempt to implement a unitary presidency, and the failed checks on executive ambition point to political and economic bankruptcy.

Here is another in this series of conversations with Chalmers Johnson. Eisenhower must certainly be rolling in his grave. We are going to truly miss Johnson’s voice of reason and insight. His leaving us is a real blow for honest clarity of thought in America. He seemed to be one of the few intellectually honest conservatives left in this country.

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