Preserve Access By Preserving Its Original Premise

August 9th, 2010 by Andy in Viewer Commentary & Response

In regards to the national efforts to preserve access [such as via The CAP Act], here’s an idea:

“Go back to Public Access Roots” legally, and expose the FCC “sell out”.

How about using the very “tool” that is endangered by “producing a show” with the original concepts of “cable television.”

Originally “Cable (aka paid TV) was not and did not have ads. That was the selling point. The cable companies were using “public air space” which belongs to all the people.

Now there is equal time of programming as is ads. Also public access stations could not in any way ask for money.

There was competition from several cable companies to “win the franchise”. Now it is a monopoly on the airwaves.

(There should have been a protection of preventing local franchise governments selling out public access) Many local areas “sold out public access in order to “pocket the money cable companies had to give to support local public access by NOT REQUIRING the cable company to provide the: studio, training, equipment for public access; therefore endangering Public Access )

Now the media wants to put up Microwaves which may be unhealthy to the community, yet Public Access is endangered.

So perhaps what might be a talking point is “Cable TV can’t have ads” unless they supply a good public access in each community; that local governments many not receive any monies for a franchise in that area unless the station provides public access that is accessible to the public.

Revisit: Monopolies unlawful.

- A USTV Media Viewer/Reader

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