‘Democracy Now!’ a Tool of the CIA to Promote Disinformation, Spread Communism

October 8th, 2008 by Andy in Viewer Commentary & Response

So Democracy Now! is a propaganda tool of the CIA in order to spread disinformation as part of their plan to institute a ‘communist regime’, being funded by a foundation established by one of the patron saints of American capitalism and a notorious anti-Semite, whose framed photo hung on the wall of Hitler’s office.

If Democracy Now! is ‘absolutely the opposite of what we need in this country’, I can only wonder what this individual would describe as being what exactly it *is* that this country needs.

Amy Goodman and Democracy Now get over a million dollars a year in grants and is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and The Ford Foundation, a cover operation for CIA sponsored projects-including disinformation. Why should we give her any of our money when she already gets far more than her share through our taxes.

This program you are trying so diligently to help is absolutely the opposite of what we need in this country. There was a time when I thought she was helpful to the cause of America, but she has either been bought or she was always part of the communist regime. And you know Andy after meeting you I have to say, I feel you may be part of the same team as Goodman and not on the side of a free and fair constitutional America any longer. It appears that you too have been bought or fooled.

There is more than enough evidence to suggest Democracy Now is not on the side of US of A or her people.

I would suggest strongly that you more carefully pick your allies.

If you are not going to take a serious and unbiased look into her actions then take me off of your mailing list and I will know precisely where you stand on what you have proclaimed to be your truth all these years.

Regarding any accusations about my being “fooled” or, more libelously, “bought”, anyone can read or view the extensive record documenting my perspectives and the wealth of information they are founded on throughout the USTV Media website.

Update: Amy Goodman receives recognition of a more positive form with this rather well-deserved award, known as the ‘Alternative Nobel’.

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  1. Reynold Elkins said,

    on October 11th, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Andy; I have read this guys (presumably) diatribe several times and finally decided that a response is needed. I have exactly the opposite view of Democracy Now. There has been only one occasion that I did not agree with her presentation of facts, yes facts. If this viewer is so turned off by her presentations then I would recommend to him that he return to viewing the Oreilly factory, where they work at distorting the facts and news. Insofar, as his view that he had always thought her to be allied with the “cause of America”– she is closer to that than any other program on television. Most of her news is more revealing and less available on commercial, corporate media outlets. –So, she is “not on the side of the USA or her people” Then whose side is she on then?– Some vague reference to a communist regime, what communsit regime? I suppose that after being inundated with propaganda from the current faschistic regime for about eight plus years, any position that is not allied with theirs must to him be undemocratic and subversive. This guy sounds as though he is out of touch with reality, or too much in touch with Oreilly and his ilk. Insofar as supporting her efforts financially, it would be money well spent. Andy you are doing a good job of progamming news that the country needs now, keep up the good work. Relk

  2. on December 24th, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    With regard to Amy Goodman´s show, yes she does provide a valuble perspective
    not bieng presented by the mainstream media, and as you say generally factual.
    However, the most important political issue of our time, the events which occured on 911, the calls for a new independent investigation, she has oddly avoided, leading some observers to question her true agenda and motives for reporting. Robert Shapiro

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