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November 12th, 2006 by Andy in Viewer Commentary & Response

Andy, Ed, and the UnCommon Sense TV Crew,

Thank you for your years of dedicated efforts towards the education of the citizenry and your perpetual agitation towards helping the nation to regain at least a portion of self-government from the dictates of the Neo-Con agenda. Events like the 2006 election results couldn’t have happened without your efforts and your many compatriots around the country. I was glad to see the recent Vanity Fair article (entitled “Neo Culpa”) — but, I think that it was a calculated decision on their part (the Neo-Cons) to distance themselves from the now obvious consequences of their “dictates”.

You and your contemporaries across the nation truly did a magnificent job and you should be proud of your accomplishments. I hope now that everyone can help do their part in insuring a meaningful outcome in the fight for “net neutrality” and support for public access.

Your Friend and Supporter,

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