USTV: Dupes of Fundamentalist Islamic Fanaticism?

October 19th, 2006 by Andy in Viewer Commentary & Response

Doesn’t the Bible admonish against bearing false witness? I suppose that the viewer failed to notice that we were not criticizing Christianity per se, but pointing out that the United States was not founded on religion. The points we made in our programs on religion and the state were not against Christianity but against false claims about the founding of the nation by people who purport to be devout Christians. The whole point of our program was to defend the democratic structure of the nation in general and one of the key principles that, in particular, differentiate the United States from theocracies such as contemporary Iran or the interregnum (Cromwellian) England of the 17th Century.

- Ed Lacy, USTV Media

Thank you for your attacks on Christians and some of their silly leaders. We (Muslim) have been saying your points for years! Where have you been? You are helping us to gain much needed support. Thank you again. Soon you too will convert to Islam (I hope soon) as we represent the future of the world.

Our plans for those who do not convert are not so happy. But when it is all done you will be much more happy in your new world. Imagine no more war! Only praise to Allah! We are over 8 million strong here in this country (USA) and already have 50 million in Europe. The time grows near! PRAISE ALLAH!

One of our great leaders Moammar Gadhafi who leads the Libyan people to great things says:

“Some people believe that Mohammed is the prophet of the Arabs or Muslims alone. This is a mistake. Mohammed is the prophet of all people. He superseded all previous religions! If Jesus were alive when Mohammed was sent, he would have followed him. All people must be Muslims”.

Please hear his true words. If not then you must suffer the infidels fate! This is not good. I will send to you good people and your staff directions to web sites that will help you to the right way so thet you will not suffer as many infidels will.

Continue to condem christian beliefs. Your awards await you! DO NOT LET DOWN ALLAH!

I will direct my friends to this web site as it is good (as is Fatah) for all Muslims.



This person makes the attempt of being cute with his silly moniker of “Hamed.” I have to wonder about the distinct possibility of real psychological projection at work here, considering the familiarity and similarity of this rhetoric with powerful sects in American culture, most notably the Christian Dominionist and the rapture cultists. (For more on these ever-present entities we recommend the works of Chris Hedges, as well as

So does this viewer really believe we are in a legitimately global ‘crusade’ against Islam itself? If so, which brand? Shia? Sunni? Maybe this will help explain to the viewer some of the differences. What is scary about this is the fact that important policy makers in Washington, those responsible for this ‘crusade’ and our Middle East war policy, clearly have no clue as to what the heck this is all about. Truly incompetent and irresponsible people. But then, that is the M.O. of the GOP ruling authorities.

Of particular curiosity is the implied dig at Islam for supposedly promising global peace only after they have “Islamitized” the entire planet and forced compulsion amongst all to worshipping the religion. How does that compare to the christianists who claim Jesus will only return after global armageddon, which will then usher in a 1,000 years of peace in a world of only believers?

And are we really opposing radical Islamic fundamentalism, or simply incorporating such types of intolerant hatred into our own culture? People like those who run Jesus Camp are not in opposition to radical muslim extremism as much as they are mirroring it.

Jesus Camp

“The children at the Kids on Fire summer camp are intent as they pray over a cardboard cutout of President George Bush. They raise their hands in the air and sway, eyes closed, as they join the chant for “righteous judges”. Tears stream down their faces as they are told that they are “phonies” and “hypocrites” and must wash their hands in bottled water to drive out the devil.

The documentary film Jesus Camp follows three children at the Kids on Fire Pentecostal summer camp in the small city of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.

…At one point Pastor Fischer equates the preparation she is giving children with the training of terrorists in the Middle East. “I want to see young people who are as committed to the cause of Jesus Christ as the young people are to the cause of Islam,” she tells the camera. “I want to see them radically laying down their lives for the gospel, as they are over in Pakistan and Israel and Palestine.”

They cry, pray to Bush and wash out the devil - welcome to Jesus Camp

A Christian madrassa for the Jesus Jugend.

- Andy Valeri, USTV Media

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  1. Jon Edwards said,

    on October 21st, 2006 at 11:45 pm

    Want a pre-Halloween shock? Trip on over to Google and insert “Seeds of Armageddon Theology.” J.E.

  2. on November 8th, 2006 at 6:36 am

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