U.S. Army Conducts Chemical Tests On Populations of American Cities

This is reason number 19,768 as to why we need organizations like WikiLeaks. For enabling whistleblowing and being engaged in publishing, they have been labeled by the Obama administration and the military as “enemies of the state.” Yet here, the state operates with impunity as an enemy of the people, and to the rights and dignity of the human person. So just who is the “enemy”, when this is the government at work for our “protection”?

It also makes you question just how concerned the U.S. government really is about the infliction of chemical weapons on civilians, such as what has been reported in Syria. After all, how morally outraged can you actually be by their use when you are the same institution responsible for the ongoing devastation caused by agent orange, depleted uranium in Iraq, and political policies such as This?

On a February night in 1953, a worker employed by the U.S. Army opened a valve on a motorized blower and for five minutes dispersed a mysterious fluffy powder into downtown St. Louis.

So began military-sponsored tests in St. Louis that remained secret for four decades and, to this day, raise questions about what the government was up to in the Cold War operation.


Martino-Taylor found in her research that the aerosol particles were milled so as to be easily absorbed into lungs.

“Under the sparkling stars and clear bright moon, as children, their parents, and grandparents, slept on their porches or beneath an open window to escape the blazing heat of a St. Louis summer, toxins drifted silently inside through open windows and settled into their lungs. The particulates were designed to be optimal size for deep inhalation by the sleeping, unsuspecting victims. It was the Cold War, and this was America.”

In an interview, Martino-Taylor acknowledged that she had uncovered no proof that St. Louisans were subject to radiological testing. But, she noted, “There’s an awful lot of evidence that there were radiological components to the study.”

Martino-Taylor approaches the testing from a sociological standpoint, noting that national and international codes of conduct prohibited testing on humans without their consent.

“There has to be a sense of betrayal here, of people being deceived and targeted by their own government,” she said.

“Even if there are laws in place which appear to protect people, without transparency, governments may be able to violate rights without their victims even knowing it. This case is an example of that.”

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As researcher Lisa Martino-Taylor’s report pointed out in this article

This vast project transcended national boundaries, Martino-Taylor noted, and ultimately targeted tens of thousands of unwitting, disempowered and dehumanized civilians, who were purposely tested for, and exposed to, toxic compounds without their knowledge or consent, in a blatant violation of civil and human rights. “Through understanding the specific elements and mechanisms of complex institutional deviance that disengage critical analysis, and pave the path towards victimization of populations, we can develop public policies that prioritize the publicĂ­s right to know, and construct checks and methods to minimize the chance of covert projects that are contrary to societal norms, human dignity and human rights,” Martino-Taylor said.

Democracy Now also did a brief news report on this as well.

This is by no means the only example of this kind of grotesque application of science, and manipulation of people, even whole populaces, by the U.S. government, in the name of “national security.” Too numerous to go into detail here, MKULTRA and the atomic radiation testing done in the mid-20th Century being only two of multitudes, the very informative film Human Resources goes to great lengths to provide a lot of background and examples of the abuse and exploitation of human beings by the powers-that-be, for means and ends beyond the knowledge or well-being of the people. A must-watch for any student of history.

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