American Voices For American Values: The Campaign To Ban Torture

January 21st, 2013 by Andy in Human Rights (Torture & 'The War on Terror') , Video

“American Voices For American Values: The Campaign To Ban Torture” - Event which took place at the University of Dayton, October 13th, 2008, and sponsored by the UD Human Rights Studies program and the Center for the Victims of Torture. It was organized as part of the campaign to promote the adoption of the Declaration of Principles for a Presidential Executive Order on Prisoner Treatment, which unequivocally rejects torture and cruelty to prisoners, and which was signed into law by President Obama on his third day in office. This program features presentations and audience discussions with a number of former high-ranking CIA, defense department and military officials, as well as religious leaders.

This program was co-produced by UnCommon Sense TV Media, in conjunction with Dayton Access Television, with live streaming video of the event provided by DONet, Inc. (now DataYard).

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