Faulty Intelligence? Bush Knew

March 29th, 2006 by Andy in The Politics of Intelligence

Murray Waas, that endangered species of American journalist (the investigative reporter) does more great work here with his expose on the role of manipulated intelligence and selling of bogus information to convince Americans of the need to support an illegal and pre-meditated act of war.

Two highly classified intelligence reports delivered directly to President Bush before the Iraq war cast doubt on key public assertions made by the president, Vice President Cheney, and other administration officials as justifications for invading Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein, according to records and knowledgeable sources.

“We could not have anticipated…” and “we didn’t know” are mantras of what can arguably be called a gang of criminals running our government (and nation right into the ground). What they have done here is right in line with the deceptions and pre-meditated plans of the totalitarian states that launched WWII (and most other wars, actually), and what earned those people dates with the hangman’s noose.

Read The Full Report from The National Journal Here

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