Academia’s Death by a Thousand Neo-Liberal Cuts

April 6th, 2014 by Andy in Taxes, The Commons & The Social Contract

And as the neo-liberal model continues to eviscerate core aspects of civic society, one of its more disturbing effects has been its influence upon higher education.

An excellent article on how it can be found at the heart of academia today, and its influence in the increasing use (and exploitation) of adjunct faculty, can be found in this piece by Sarah Kendzior on Academia’s Indentured Servants.

Education is only one of the many areas which have been undermined by this corrosive form of modern corporate feudalism. Incarceration through the modern, for-profit prison system comes readily to mind, as to the fate of public media, particularly public access throughout the country. We continue to see the closing of media resources available to the public (while local governments will fight to preserve their own municipal channels, which is a whole ‘nother topic).

The bottom line of all of this is the continued advancement of the idea of fee for service in order to participate in civic life or use of public resources. As Greg Boozell pointed out, ensuring equal access to civic life is being framed by neo-liberals and accepted by the public as non-essential, or as a luxury that can only be sustained through usage fees.

There certainly isn’t a magic market solution that will ensure the fiscal viability of public access TV. And market-based “solutions”are antithetical to the health vibrant public spaces.

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