Congressional Leader Says God Will Save Us From Climate Change

November 17th, 2010 by Andy in Religion and The State

Good Lord

U.S. Representative John Shimkus, possible future chairman of the Congressional committee that deals with energy and its attendant environmental concerns, believes that climate change should not concern us since God has already promised not to destroy the Earth.


The Energy and Commerce committee is among the most powerful in the U.S. Congress, with a wide-ranging purview over legislation touching on energy policy, environmental initiatives and public health.

Shimkus already serves on the committee. During a hearing in 2009, he dismissed the dangers of climate change and the warnings of the scientific community by quoting the Bible.


“The Earth will end only when God declares it’s time to be over. Man will not destroy this Earth. This Earth will not be destroyed by a Flood,” Shimkus asserted. “I do believe that God’s word is infallible, unchanging, perfect.”

No, of course Man cannot destroy the earth. Just his ability to exist upon it. Here’s an interesting response to all of this from Oannes, long-time USTV Media viewer and reader…

What’s really fascinating to me is how Christianity has allied itself with Darwinism (of the social type) to become the Christian Right. For all of Christian history, especially after the Renaissance, we were trying to create an ideal society in preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven (the thousand year reich of Christ). From what I’ve read, this is totally what motivated science and technology and social reforms and everything. Then 19th century science said, nope, sorry, progress comes via ruthlessness and savage competition, and you can’t change that. And Christians said, “OK, you’re right, so I guess God wants us to be ruthless and savage, not good. So that’s what we’ll do. Competitiveness is the new piety.” How do you like that?

Here’s the contradiction as I see it: God wants us to make war against nature, but we’re stuck with obeying nature’s Darwinian laws of competition, because otherwise economic evolution will be impeded. God wants us to master nature and break nature’s laws, but we’re submitting to nature’s laws on economics. We don’t believe in nature’s laws about global warming, and we hate Darwinian biological evolution, but we absolutely believe in natural selection and evolution as it relates to market competition. Natural forces must be allowed to run the country and bring about progress. To get in the way of natural competition is to “devolve” the economy. The Christian Social Darwinist is a remarkable creature indeed, like one of those mythical hybrid beasts like a fish-goat or a snake-horse.

I’m not passing judgment on belief in natural laws either way. I just think it is interesting to note that we have a strange hybrid Christian/Darwinian mythology on our hands. Sarah Palin is the fish-goat high priestess.

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