Lies, Dirty Tricks, and $45 Million Kill GMO Labeling in California

November 9th, 2012 by Andy in Propaganda & Faux News

Michelle Simon provides This detailed and disturbing report of how the biotech industry, Monsanto in particular, engaged in an informational dirty war to defeat California’s Proposition 37. This is the state referendum which would have required foods containing GMO’s (genetically-modified organisms) to be labelled as such. In fact, some of their tactics crossed legal boundaries, including their lying in the California voter guide, the misuse of a federal seal and the misquoting of the Food and Drug Administration, misrepresenting academic affiliations, and more. I hope they are taken to court for these transgressions.

Another interesting point which has been raised (though not living in California, I can’t verify at the moment), is that there were no exit polls done on the issue at all, and that some people who have emailed and blogged on the issue have reported their surprise at the results, as there is no they know of who actually voted against it. Considering the serious issues surrounding unverifiable electronic voting, it seems to be a question which deserves closer investigative scrutiny.

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