Monsanto & The Military and Intervention In South America

November 17th, 2006 by Andy in Perpetual War For a Perpetual Piece of The Action

There is a reason why its called the ‘military-industrial complex’. You’re looking at one of them right here (albeit one of its less-publicized manifestations).

Monsanto Teams Up with the U.S. Military to Force Genetically Engineered Soybeans on Paraguay
GM Watch Daily
July 23, 2006

The US military are establishing bases and new collaborations with the Paraguayan military.  Many ask why.

With the excuse of fighting terrorism, the presence of these forces in a US friendly territory may yet give some measure of discomfort to the neighboring governments of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia, all of whom continue to build opposition to US hegemony in the hemisphere.

One thing is clear, however: internal military and paramilitary repression has found an immediate use in promoting the spread of GMO soy.  Herbicide resistant transgenic soy has brought to this South American region a form of agriculture that is incompatible with campesino or indigenous ways of life. Instead of changing agriculture to fit people, the landscape is being cleansed through violence to make it fit mechanized, high-input, monoculture soybean production.  National armies are now protecting GMO, export-oriented soybean plants against the diverse ecosystems of the region, but also against the citizens of those countries who insist on rejecting them.  Infusing the CIA and the US military into this formula simply adds deadly power to an already raging fire.

In reading these news, one should not forget that the international market for soybeans is being artificially inflated, not least by the new craze to exploit globalized sources of biofuels.

So it is that the Pentagon is finding a new cause in common with environmentalists.

For more on this ongoing development, check out The US Military Descends on Paraguay by Benjamin Dangl in The Nation

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