Palm Trees In Madison? Fox Inventing News

March 14th, 2011 by Andy in Deconstructing The Media, Video

How Soviet of them. There is biasing information in reporting, and then there is simply fabricating information entirely. This videoThis video of a Fox News report (just one of an ongoing litany of examples too numerous to detail here) is evidence of why what Fox does (and is) should disqualify it from consideration as a legitimate participant in a society that aspires to operating upon democratic principles.

Nothing can inherently be ‘objective’ and ‘neutral,’ since all information is relayed through what is an innately limited and relational perspective. But it can be fair, and it can be intellectually honest. This by any definition of those concepts does not qualify as either.

Having a difference of opinion over what events mean is one thing. Inventing events in order to influence that opinion is of a different order entirely. Under no reasonable definition can this be considered a legitimate “news” report. This is straightforward propaganda, from every definition of the concept.

And yes, biasing the presentation of information in order to promote a specific perspective or an ideological agenda is something to be aware of, and concerned about as well. But duplicitously crafting or creating that information out of whole cloth? Inexcusable, for which there is no reasonably ethical or moral defense for.

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