Live From St. Paul - No Media Coverage of Journalist Arrests

September 27th, 2008 by Andy in Deconstructing The Media

I applaud the courage in the face of oppressive police tactics of Amy Goodman and her crew, and I condemn the arrests of people in their homes during the RNC in St. Paul, as the video reports on show.

I am a news junky. I listen to Boston’s news station, WBZ 1030 AM, a CBS o&o station (one of FIVE they own in this market). They do minute by minute news reports all day long, and talk shows from 8 PM to 5 AM.

I heard NOTHING about police tactics, or home invasions on that station during that time, so I tried to get the info out by calling in to one of the talk shows, hosted by long-time Boston broadcaster, Dan Rea.

They were talking about Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention. I told the call screener: “I want to talk about the police violence outrside the convention during Palin’s speech.” He put me in the queue.

When my call was taken, I started with a bit of the topic, saying “I don’t think Sarah Palin said anything new from the Republican party, which must be what they wanted. HOWEVER, I have heard nothing on your station today about the police invasions of private homes in St. Paul that happened this morning, and the arrest of journalist Amy Goodman who had a convention floor pass, as did her camera operator and producer, who also had these credentials.”

I was about to say the camera man and producer are still in Ramsey County Sheriff’s custody, and to ask the host if he had ever been arrested for doing his job. I got the question out, but he talked over me and said, “Well, Paul from Arlington, we have reported all that news and we aren’t really talking about that tonight.” He cut me off.

The host, Dan Rea was for many years a TV news reporter for WBZ-TV, also owned by CBS. He seemed to have a maverick if not liberal bent. But it seems clear to me that his program director must have told him to shut up about any police violence in St. Paul, as the corporation has surely done with their national anchor Catie Couric.

Call me paranoid, but you aren’t paranoid if the really ARE out to get you!

Accessibly yours,
Paul Berg, Executive Director
Weston Community Media Center, Inc.
Weston, MA

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