Neo-Cons On a Cruise (To Obliviousness) - Revealing What They Really Think

July 23rd, 2007 by Andy in Conservative / Liberal - What Do They Mean

This article from Alternet is disturbingly amazing. These people seem to be displaying truly pathological dis-ease, disassociated by the norms of human empathy, understanding, compassion. The disconnect from reality itself just through incorporating a basic knowledge of real world facts on the ground in regards to people and situations in our world is bad enough. However, what takes it to a truly frightening level is the lack of any sense of non-ego self-awareness and spiritual connectivity to life itself, that is really scary. Their attitudes are indeed indicative of members of a death cult. This is the same kind of worship of raw physical power, and a sense of entitlement not to have to engage oneself in the trials and tribulations of those ‘less well off’ (in this sense materially, since these people seem to be highly impoverished in any sense of conscience or soulfulness) that has animated the agents of empire and murderous folly throughout the ages.

This report comes from a cruise sponsored by the National Review, and reads more like a holiday convention of the NSDAP.

A sweet elderly lady from Los Angeles is sitting on the rocks nearby, telling me dreamily about her son. “Is he your only child?” I ask. “Yes,” she says. “Do you have a child back in England?” she asks. No, I say. Her face darkens. “You’d better start,” she says. “The Muslims are breeding. Soon, they’ll have the whole of Europe.”

I am getting used to these moments - when gentle holiday geniality bleeds into‚Ķ what? I lie on the beach with Hillary-Ann, a chatty, scatty 35-year-old Californian designer. As she explains the perils of Republican dating, my mind drifts, watching the gentle tide. When I hear her say, ” Of course, we need to execute some of these people,” I wake up. Who do we need to execute? She runs her fingers through the sand lazily. “A few of these prominent liberals who are trying to demoralise the country,” she says. “Just take a couple of these anti-war people off to the gas chamber for treason to show, if you try to bring down America at a time of war, that’s what you’ll get.” She squints at the sun and smiles. ” Then things’ll change.”

This is just the intro, the tip of the iceberg on this story, taken from this journey of The Strangelove Boat. These people go on to celebrate the merits of the Ku Klux Klan, the reason our media is wholly controlled by ‘liberals’, how all the WMDs in Iraq were smuggled into Syria at the last minute, William F. Buckley and George Will are heretics to conservatism, former fascist dictator of Chile Gen. Pinochet is ‘a hero’, global warming is ‘a myth’, etc… These people simply live in an alternate reality uninhabited by facts and real live human beings and souls.

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