People Getting Restless At Conservative Forum

March 11th, 2006 by Andy in Conservative / Liberal - What Do They Mean

Dana Milbank of The Washington Post takes a look at the winter of discontent that is settling over the conservative movement of America. The continuing ridiculous attack against anyone criticizing the Bush administration as being ‘liberal’ is starting to wear a bit thin.

“You have to understand the people in this administration have no principles,” Sullivan volleyed. “Any principles that get in the way of the electoral map have to be dispensed with.”

Boaz renewed his plea. “Any Bush economists hiding in the audience?”

There was, in fact, one Bush Treasury official on the attendance roster, but he did not surface. The only man who came close to defending Bush, environmental conservative Fred Singer, said he was “willing to overlook” the faults because of the president’s Supreme Court nominations. Even Richard Walker, representing the think tank that fired Bartlett, declined to argue. “I agree with most of it,” he said later.

Unchallenged, the Bartlett-Sullivan tag team continued. “The entire intellectual game has been given away by the Republican president,” said Sullivan. “He’s a socialist in so many respects, a Christian socialist.”

This line is telling. Funny how they want to label Bush a ’socialist’, because these conservatives just can’t come to grips with the fact that someone from the right could be this disastrously corrupt. They can’t seem to conceive that the undoing of America could come stage right, after spending their lives in ideological struggle against those from stage left.

That said, I am glad these folks are coming to their senses and seeing through the dangerous and self serving nonsense that is the Bushevik regime and crime syndicate. But if they so ideologically blinded, they would have seen this coming nearly 3 decades ago. Then-Republican Kevin Phillips did, why didn’t they?

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