Sports In Cinema Serving as Examples of America’s Conservatism?

February 8th, 2006 by Andy in Conservative / Liberal - What Do They Mean

Are sports stories in the past few decades examples of the reflection of the triumph of conservative values in our culture?

That is what David Brooks seems to think, a political hack who continues to rank as either one of the most disingenuous or perhaps just one of the most astronomically ignorant pundits today who qualifies himself as ‘conservative’.

Danny Goldberg deconstructs his latest frivolous ‘logic’ with this well-done piece on the meaning of sports metaphors in popular entertainment films, and Brooks’ demonstration of the “Delusions of Conservative Normality”.

Too bad the network news shows won’t allow a figure such as Mr. Goldberg to spend some time with Mr. Brooks during some of his seemingly endless talking head TV appearances.

Read the deconstruction of Mr. Brooks here

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